At Hackwood we are always seeking land for development and we are willing to purchase with or without planning permission. So if you have land available for us to purchase and you are interested in selling please contact our office.

Typical Examples of Land Wanted Typical Examples of Land Wanted Typical Examples of Land Wanted

Examples of typical sites

Why bring your land to Hackwood Homes and not the competition?

  1. Our track record for securing planning permission without the need of an appeal is second to none meaning your commission fees will be paid significantly quicker.
  2. Unlike our competitors we will gladly team up with your local estate agent network to assist us in selling our retirement apartments (if you have a suitable presence within the town)
  3. We are a small team who project management each and every site so you will always have direct access to the key people always knowing exactly what stage a particular site is at throughout the acquisition and planning process.
  4. We are able to make land acquisition decisions immediately as we do not operate like many of our larger corporate competitors who will have to go through a protracted board approval process in order to acquire a site.
  5. We always pay introducing agents their deserved land introduction fees.